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Fri Aug 11 05:18:38 PDT 2000

Bickering?  we don't bicker.  I don't bicker!
Yes, he is still my son, so we do live in the same home, but we are also the
only 2 persons in the home that are computer literate.  We discuss, debate
and make suggestions and poke lots of fun at each other.  
What you see as bickering is me poking fun at a 18 year old, piss and
vinegar, funkey hair do, uneven chin haired baby.  :)
we talk to each other all the time and we have a certain kind of respect for
each other that goes beyond just being mother and son or even parent and
child.  Perry says i am just too darn liberal, and tolerant.  I say get
he is 18, a legal adult now.  he has not killed anyone, doesnt do drugs, or
drink, and he doesnt have this attitude of "this crappie world owes me
something".  and he doesnt go around picking fights and getting into
trouble.  I know where he is, and who his friends are.  but once he leaves
home, he wont have to keep me so informed.  that sucks!  but that is also
the way of growing up.  in my opinion.  
any real arguments we have, would never be posted to the list.  I prefer to
scream at him directly.  8 D

Now.....how do i get 1/2 of this chocolate?

(a heart of ice can have advantages, until it melts)

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> maidenhair does more of the bickering than anyone
> else.
> Big Daddy
> Baulsac
> --- LucanSilverwolf at aol.com wrote:
> >     First when the weather turns I have been known
> > two make large batches of 
> > homemade chocalot candies if properly motavtied.  So
> > if there is some sort of 
> > candy fest starting up here I might be interested in
> > throwing in my spoon and 
> > apron here.....
> >     Second,  I have just one question... Why are
> > Maidenhair and Baulsac 
> > arguing on the list don't you guys like live in the
> > same house?  I mean don't 
> > get me wrong I enjoy laughing at you two as much as
> > anyone (snicker) but, I 
> > was curious...
> >         -Lucan
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