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Onrey...well that is an acceptable way of putting it.  hahaha
onrey, meaness, demon spawn, we have had them all shouted at us at one time
or another.  You have to really know the rest of my side of the family to
understand it all.  It me dear old daddy was in town w/ me and baulsac, it
would take all of 2 seconds for anyone to know who we take after.  My
grandma used to say it was a "reinholtz" thing.  Every cousin w/ an ancestor
by that name is just the same.  The older folks say "we just have a very
dry, twisted, german/friesian sense of humor.
Want an example?  Well you get one anyway.  hahaha
my 2nd grt grandfather came to america in 1870, eventually he migrated to
Perry, Noble county, OK in 1900.  he died there in 1901.  He was known in
the family as being very mean spirited, but w/ a sense of humor.  when he
died this is what is 3 sons commissioned to have on his head stone.
translated from old german friesian mix.

too early struck this bitter hour to take him from our midst, but comfort
flows from our mouths.  What God does is well done.  This is still our
sorrow.  Sleep well, Sleep in peace.  Good bye.

I have heard that Zahava has to beat you!
who also loves her a/c on 65 year round and says it is easier to put more
clothes on than to take them all off....

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> I swear, Maidenhair.... You and Baulsac are fastly becoming two of my
> favorite people... Both of you are onrey to the core... I like that.... it
> reminds me of me.....
> And as any who know me will tell you, this is the point were you start
> running away (isn't that right, Zahava!), HA HA!
>     Next batch of chocalte goodies I whip up half is yours... and yes
> you may have some too.  I'll start cooking and baking again after the heat
> turns.
>                 -Lucan
>                     ( who suffers greatly in the heat and will be giggling
> the "uneven chin haired baby" comment for days)

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