NK - A Degree in Bagpiping???

Merle Lin konstiantin at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 12 14:47:19 PDT 2000

Hey it's better than a degree for haggis making.

A Degree in Bagpiping???
Friday August 11 2:22 PM ET

EDINBURGH (Reuters) - The Royal Scottish Academy of
music was tuning up on Friday for the launch of the
world's first degree in bagpiping. 

The four-year course in Scotland's national instrument
is being run in conjunction with the Piping Center in
Glasgow. It actually strikes up in October 2001. 

Course organizers are looking for five home-grown
musicians in the first year, as well as five budding
pipers from overseas. 

``We've had lots of international media interest, so
we're hoping to draw in pipers from all over the
world,'' a Piping Centre spokeswoman told Reuters. 

Students will learn topics ranging from the physics
behind the distinctive drone of the Highland bagpipe
to the intricacies of crafting the instrument. 

Successful candidates will graduate with a Bachelor of
Arts degree in Scottish Music -- Piping. The launch of
the degree comes the day before the world piping band
championships in Glasgow. Over 240 bands of pipers
from across the globe will descend on the city to
compete for the coveted title of World Band Pipe

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