NK - Raw Cotton

cianaoh@cs.com cianaoh at cs.com
Mon Aug 14 19:01:55 PDT 2000

I'll let Angus know this!!  If he starts having any problems he will have to quit!!  I hadn't even thought of that....THANKS!!

Northkeep at ansteorra.org wrote:
> At 09:10 PM 8/14/00 -0400, you wrote:
> >Yea!  I'll take all that he is willing to get for me and my lady. And
> >probably Debroa would like some 
> >to.
> >
> Just beware if you have allergies.  A couple years ago when I was doing  my 
> student teaching, one of the boys brought in some raw cotton and we all 
> looked at it.  The teacher hived up horribly and started having trouble 
> breathing before we sent her to the Dr for a shot.  We hadn't even thought 
> about the sprays that had been used on the cotton.
> Susan

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