NK - Raw Cotton Report

angus Mac angusmacn at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 16 12:05:10 PDT 2000

>From The old Cotton Picker himself

I have the goods!

about 3 cubic feet of cotton and all that comes with
it.  Dirt sticks buggs.....

I would like to see that Debroah get some if she wants
it and the rest of you can fight over what is left..
Play nice...
I would bring home more, but I have enough trouble in
the airport checking armour and weapons, If I come
thru with A half a bale of cotton.....

see ya'll this weekend, unless I the phone rings
between now and then...

--- Timothy Adams <toadams at hotmail.com> wrote:
> is it just me or did the list just get a bit busy
> with cotton mongers *G*  
> =P
> heh heh,  I don't know how to spin soooo, I did not
> join in.
> Peace
> Timothy
> SocallmeTIM
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