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Well, I'd be happy to teach spinning cotton but a regular drop
spindle I'm afraid would be an exercise in futility considering the
staple length of cotton which is approximately 1/2 inch.  You'll need a
spindle called a takli or one that can be spun supported.  The fiber
can be spun directly off the seed so there shouldn't be any need to
worry about washing it, although we might want to open the package out
of doors at first judging from the description given for harvesting. 
No sense in introducing unnecessary bugs into the house.  
I have no problem with cats (except for trying to keep my hands off
them) but I do not handle tobacco well.  Also, my work schedule is such
that I would need to make this on the early side (say, ending around 8
This makes things difficult for most people, I know.   

If anyone would be interested in getting together, give me a holler. 
If you have a charka spinning wheel, so much the better.

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