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DDon Malcolm asked, <<...What do you think caused the fire?>>
--- Tim Goins <timgoins at yahoo.com> wrote:
Right now I'm going to guess that it was started by a power steering
fluid leak.  We are joking that LeRoy fought the fire because his golf
clubs were still in the trunk!  Truth is that LeRoy and Marianna were
educated by Hollywood that cars blow up in spectacular fireballs.  He
was worried about the house, she was worried about him.  

FYI the fuel tank USUALLY must be ruptured to get an explosive
flare-up.  Fuel lines only release so much gas which burns at that
point.  Fire reqires fuel, heat, AND oxygen and so cannot USUALLY
travel back thru the lines to the tank.  I had my '73 Audi Fox catch
fire due to a compromised gas line, back in '79. The Fire dept. shoved
an inch and a half line under the hood and turned it on. This
eliminated both heat and oxygen putting out the fire.  Unfortunately,
LeRoys car was totaled tonight.  The fire was contained to the car and
there does not appear to be any damage to the house despite the
proximity.  LeRoy was checked out by the EMTs and is ok.  The car was
towed off but 'Nessa got some photos after the fire was put out.  Don't
know how long the insurance side of things will take.  We were planning
on Mooneschadowe but this may possibly impact that.  I will keep you

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