NK - Lost & Found for Northern Regional Fighter Practice....

Sigen3@aol.com Sigen3 at aol.com
Sun Aug 20 09:42:56 PDT 2000

In a message dated 8/20/00 8:39:30 AM Central Daylight Time, cianaoh at cs.com 

<< Did anyone find a pair of roller blades?  My eldest child forgot them and 
decided to tell us about it after we were half way home!!!  We were NOT 
turning around to go back and get them!!  Please let me know if you found 
them and I will figure something out to get them....even if it is at Guardian 
next weekend!!  
Alton brought them back... you should have them by now... if not, ask him.  
He may have forgotten he has them.

What a blast practice was!


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