ANST-Announce - Lughnasad Was a Success!

Padraig Ruad padraig_ruad at
Mon Aug 14 07:39:14 PDT 2000

As Seneschal of the Canton of Loch Ruadh, I want to thank everyone who came to Lughnasad this past weekend.  It was hot, dry and dusty, and an amazing success.  We had hoped for at least 75 people to attend -- the final count of the gate was over 160!  The competitions were grand, as were the prizes.  Many people sought me out to tell me how much they enjoyed the event -- all of your kind words are greatly appreciated.  My heartfelt thanks go out to all of our good friends who pitched in and helped, especially when we had to go to "plan B" or in one case, all the way down to "plan X".  Great thanks also to the merchants who came out and set up - I truly believe that having a Merchant's Row is a great plus for a weekend event.

As coordinator for and one of the judges of the competition for the First Titled Bard of Loch Ruadh, I have to say that rarely have I seen and heard such a display of bardic talent.  It is very difficult to make a decision when the bar is set so high -- all three judges agreed that the very least we heard were prize winning performances.  The Premier Bard of the Canton of Loch Ruadh is Eric Mac an Ghabhann.  What makes his winning even more amazing is the fact that this was this young man's very first bardic competition.  I foresee great things for this young Ansteorran bard.

I wish to say a personal thank you to Galen and Allessandre, Baron and Baroness of Elfsea and Lord and Lady Loch Ruadh, for being there the entire weekend, holding Court for the event, and helping in so many ways to make Lughnasad the special and wonderful event that it was.

To the Populace of Loch Ruadh, our friends from Dragonsfire Tor, Glaslyn, the Steppes and every place else who unhesitatingly jumped in to help out, thank you and Vivat!  To all of our friends who came and made Lughnasad the great success that it was, also thank you and Vivat!

Life is good in Elfsea, and also in her Canton of Loch Ruadh!

In Service,
Padraig Ruadh O'Maolagain,
Seneschal of the Canton of Loch Ruadh
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