NK - We're back from Pennsic

Sigen3@aol.com Sigen3 at aol.com
Mon Aug 21 19:49:43 PDT 2000

In a message dated 8/21/00 9:42:53 PM Central Daylight Time, 
rmheydon at swbell.net writes:

<< Well, Merrik, Elisabeth, Olivia and I rolled in from Pennsic around noon
 today after Anna and Rsamund brought our car to St. Louis to get us and
 the trailer.  (My thanks to you wonderful people!!!!!)  Gerard and his
 car showed up late this afternoon.  We were plagued by the Demon of Bad
 Car Karma on both ends of the trip.  Ask Gerard for further details but
 suffice to say I don't like Missouri much any more.... :-) >>

Glad you made it back in one piece!  Sorry to hear about your bad car karma.
I'm guessing that the Karma Demon must know what your trailer looks like, 
since you have had different cars.  Hmmmmm.  Maybe you need to paint that 


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