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Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at utulsa.edu
Thu Aug 31 03:03:46 PDT 2000

>Would someone please post the pertinent information for Anna's father's
>funeral on Friday, a couple of Wastelands people want to pay their respects.

Here is info I have as of last night.  Anna has included address and 
phone info so we have permission now for that.

Also, Anna (Angie Fields) and her mother were very specific that this 
would not be a very formal funeral (suits, etc.).  Anna's father will 
be laid to rest in his favorite shirt and shorts; Anna may or may not 
were a skirt.  She suggested business casual or slacks as the most to 
wear when she spoke with me.

I am only checking email twice per day and Rosamund is in Enid so if 
other questions arise, I will answer as soon as I have info and email 


Anna wrote the following (Angie = Anna):

General info:
Funeral, is Friday, @ 2:30, @ Brown Funeral Home, 400 W. Maple
We will leave the house between 1:45 and 2:00; feel free to come by the house
if you get into town earlier than that.  Visitors are also welcome at the
house after the graveside service.
Angie's addy is 1013 Parkway

Directions to Funeral Home:
You'll be on Hwy 412 (which turns into Owen K. Garriot Rd).
Turn right (north) on Independence (third light when you come into town)
Go north to Maple & turn left (west) onto Maple
Go west two (2) blocks and Brown Funeral Home should be on your right (might
be 2 1/2 it's at 3 street intersection). this should be Kenwood.
Parking is available on either side of Kenwood and surrounding area, there's
not a parking lot per se.  There might be some classic cars around the
Funeral Home also.

Directions to Angie's (from Tulsa):
You'll be on Hwy 412 (which turns into Owen K. Garriot Rd).
Proceed west to Van Buren Street (be in the Left lane as you will turn left -
it's the 5th actual light (there is one Fire department light between lights
3 & 4).  There is a Walgreens on the corner of Garriot & Van Buren.
Turn left (south) onto Van Buren.
Turn right onto Indian Drive (1st street after the light at York).  Your
first intersection will have a 2 way stop.  At your second intersection
(which does not have an stop sign) turn left (this is Parkway).
We're the second house on the left (there will be a ramp up to the porch). 
Park where you can, along the front of the house or along Tahlequah (the
street that would intersect the house).

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