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diane hartzmann dhartzmann at juno.com
Thu Aug 31 16:55:48 PDT 2000

Unto the Road Kill Cotton Spinners,

We have cotton - 5 lbs. worth.  I took a little peak and it doesn't look
too bad.  There's a bit of veggie matter but I didn't see much in the
line of husks.

I have 4 spindles already put together.  If you would like to put
together your own spindle, just follow these suggestions.  Go to the
craft dept. of your local store and get a wooden toy wheel.  I got a 2"
wheel.  Fit a dowel rod to the hole.  I only found the dowels in 36"
lengths which meant that I was able to make 4 spindles.  Cut a 9" length
off the dowel.  Sharpen both ends of the 9" dowel.  I used a hand-held
pencil sharpener for one end because it cut a shorter angle.  I used my
crank style pencil sharpener for  the other end because of the sharper,
longer angle.  Slide the wheel up the sharpened dowel a short distance
from the short angled tip.  I think the total length of the shaft is
about 7.5" long.  If the wheel doesn't want to stay in place, a light dab
of glue will help.

The only other major piece of equipment you will need will be a small
bowl or cup to use as a support.  I have been using a copper cup and
apparently there is a chemical reaction between the copper and the wooden
tip of the spindle.  In this case I have needed a tissue or such on which
to rest the tip while I wind on the thread.

I am thinking about trying to organize a get-together for September 9.  I
am willing to host it here, or Zahava had offered to host.  I would just
need to know how and when to prepare.  Of course, it will all depend on
whether there is still any interest out there.

If anyone has any other suggestions or needs more info, please let me

Have a wonderful and cool weekend.

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