NK - h e l p from the cloth vikings

Marrock Wild Hair Marrock at msn.com
Mon Feb 7 11:59:18 PST 2000

Administrative forward for Lady Dagmar.  The word h-e-l-p without the -'s
confused the server into thinking it was a request and couldn't figure out
what to do so it forwarded the email to the list administrator for
Apologies for the delay in forwarding and not helping with Lady Dagmar's
Saturday shopping.

Cloth Vikings,

My lord and I will be traveling to Northkeep for fighter practice on
Saturday.  I need to do a little shopping afterwards.  I was hoping you
could let me know which stores would be the most convenient to find.  I
mostly need notions.  Things like ribbon, trim, buttons, and beads.  Things
to finish off some garb.  I would really like to find some buttons with faux
gemstones.  I may also need to acquire some fabric for garb.  I will really
appreciate your help.


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