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> . Has anybody stayed in one of the motels in Hattiesberg MS? It's been
>  since '86 or '87 since I spent a night in a tent-type structure (screen
>  tent in mid-July in Odessa, as I recall). 
Greetings Good Lord Valstarr,

We have stayed in a couple of motels in Hattiesburg.  It is the usual mix of 
good and bad, new and old.  There are a couple of brand new motels that are 
very nice.  I made reservations for this year, and I don't remember which one 
it is.  We know where it is...  You can do a search on the net for 
Hattiesburg, and go to the links.

Good Luck with your search, we look forward to the fun at Gulf War!

HE Sigen

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