NK - Gulf Wars

Fitzmorgan at cs.com Fitzmorgan at cs.com
Wed Feb 2 17:14:04 PST 2000

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rebecca-heydon at utulsa.edu writes:

>  Anyhow, out of my own morbid curiosity, who is going to Gulf from our fair
>  Barony?
>  Rowan

I'm planning on going, of course these plans don't always work out but I'm 
keeping my fingers crossed.

Are there any car-pooling plans being made?  I've got the truck and have room 
for one passenger and a fair amount of equipment.  A travelng companion who 
knows how to drive a standard would be welcome.  My plans are to leave 
Wednesday morning and come back Sunday.  With another driver leaving Tuesday 
evening after work is a possability.


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