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> Okay, okay,
> First I apologize to the good gentles of the list for this email, I may
> get
> burned for doing this but I think that if you are going to be publicly
> posting veiled comments like that previous email then you had better be
> ready to explain them. This type of posting just opens the door for
> trouble
> and you need to be ready to defend your insinuations from all the wild and
> seditious thoughts that type of underhanded commenting causes. Those that
> are loyal to the "dream" of the SCA would deal openly and honorably with
> others rather than try to publicly stir up some kind of turmoil.
> That said I have a few comments for the gentleman who posted that last
> email...
> Wow, That was not cryptic at all.
> I feel you owe all of us an explanation.
> I live in region and I have no idea what you are talking about or what you
> are implying.
> Maybe if you have something to say you should just say it? I can not
> fathom
> why you would limit the posting of your email to the Northkeep list and a
> few select other people when the event in question was held in the
> Northern
> Region and was open for all of Ansteorra to attend?
> Was it because you wanted to say something about the people in Northkeep
> or
> say something to the people in Northkeep? I do not feel like I have
> anything
> to hide I attended and supported the event. I have to wonder why you
> worded
> you email the way you did because I know that from the Barony and the
> entire
> region there were many members of the populace who attended that event for
> fighting and fun. I also know that many people from the region had mundane
> issues to deal with this weekend or they would have attended as well.
> Maybe you should be more careful in your public statements, try less to
> lay
> blame on some unnamed threat to the political and general fun environment
> of
> the Northern region, and the SCA in general. Maybe you should try to work
> out your problems with these political entities so that we can begin to
> rebuild the trust and comraderie in the north that we had a few years ago.
> The King has even made a public request that we work together to better
> the
> relationships with in the region and then some one like this Aldric de
> Kerr
> comes along and tries to stir things up. Your comments really struck me as
> someone not trying to be constructive but someone who was trying to stir
> up
> trouble and that really bugs me. IF you have to make posts like that why
> not
> make them constructive? Make some suggestions on how these we can work out
> these issues rather than blindly pointing fingers. I know a lot of people
> here in the North and I do not know a single one who opposed your this
> event.
> I must admit that declaring it a war does ring of a political event to
> begin
> with. Since wars are in general fought between Kingdoms with-in the SCA.
> Proclaiming the event was a war between two groups in two separate
> kingdoms
> that are trying to be at peace would suggest that those involved are not
> for
> that peace. So maybe the name of the event mislead some individuals.
> Perhaps
> it should be called something else?
> I remember from this fall that members of the Wolfstar band were
> commenting
> that there was some threat of a Mongolian invasion involved with this Mead
> Bee War. I also know that the Khan of the Great Dark Horde (The largest
> and
> oldest Mongolian household in the SCA),who just happens to also currently
> live in this region, was not please to hear that Wolfstar was claiming
> loudly and publicly at many events that there was this mounting threat of
> Mongolian invasion from Vatavia. Maybe there were people out there playing
> some kind of political game but I think that Aldric you need look no
> further
> than the people like yourself who were and are making these veiled
> comments.
> Deal openly and honorably with everyone and no one will have to question
> you
> or your motives. If they and you wanted to burn some bridges and stir up
> some dissention here in the north then please keep speaking as you have,
> because as you do so you show more and more where the fault lies and you
> make it easier for those who want the peace to exist to make it happen.
> Seeking truth, honesty, and chivalry,
> Ld. Ian Dun Gillan

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