NK - Mead Bee Wars (long)

Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Tue Feb 22 15:00:13 PST 2000

This type of posting just opens the door for trouble
> and you need to be ready to defend your insinuations from all the wild and
> seditious thoughts that type of underhanded commenting causes. Those that
> are loyal to the "dream" of the SCA would deal openly and honorably with
> others rather than try to publicly stir up some kind of turmoil.
> That said I have a few comments for the gentleman who posted that last
> email...
> Wow, That was not cryptic at all.
> I feel you owe all of us an explanation.
> I live in region and I have no idea what you are talking about or what you
> are implying.
> Maybe if you have something to say you should just say it? I can not fathom
> why you would limit the posting of your email to the Northkeep list and a
> few select other people when the event in question was held in the Northern
> Region and was open for all of Ansteorra to attend?

> Seeking truth, honesty, and chivalry,
> Ld. Ian Dun Gillan

	I agree wholeheartedly.  Much to my regret, I was not able to attend
the aforesaid event.  If people had a good time, why stir up this kind
of thing?  If you disagree with others, why not try to reach some accord
with them?  If this is not possible, do you really feel someone is being
hurt?  If so, there is a system where you may pursue a complaint up the
chain of command.  Veiled references do not help anything and smacks of
politics more than whatever may have occurred at the event.
	I realize everything cannot be sweetness and light all the time,
but the undertones here feel like trouble.  If there's a problem, we
need to try to solve it.  "Politics" is nothing more than people trying
to reach their goals, which may be in opposition to other people's
goals.  "Dirty Politics" is when people use underhanded or dishonest
methods to reach their goals.

				Baroness Catrin, O.L.

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