NK - RE: Meade Bee Wars

Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Wed Feb 23 19:37:13 PST 2000

Derryk Carr wrote:
> This missive is in regards to the e-mail that I had sent out about the Mead
> Bee wars.
> Apparently I have offended a great many folks with some of the words that I
> used in that e-mail. I would like to go on record as saying that I did not
> intend to point fingers, creat false accusations, start rumors, or any any
> way shape or form insult any one. I feeel that this is all a great
> misunderstanding and I appologise to any and all who have viewed that e-mail
> and seen malicious intent in it. Believe me there was not any.
> As Iwould like to go into more detail of what my true intentions were , I
> feel now I can not for fear that my words may in same manner continue to
> offend people. Therefore if any one has need of further explaination, please
> come see me.
> If there is any one still offended, I ask that you too come see me and hope
> that in some way I can make it right. I would once again like to state that
> there was no malace or intent to demean any person or persons conected with
> or in the SCA, or outside of it.
> Long Live the Dream,
> Ld. Aldric de kerr
> PS. If you need to you can reach me at this e-mail address. I would be
> willing to work out a meeting place and time if any one is needing to
> dicscuss this matter further.
	In fact I was not offended.  What I agreed with Ian was that words such
as you used could be very easily misinterpreted by others.
The word "politics" has a very negative connotation to some, which I
attempted to show really did not deserve such an interpretation, ably
clarified by Kevin.
	Making suggestive remarks such as yours is not a good idea because you
leave much to the imagination, and what people imagine tends to be
highly colored.  As Kevin pointed out, enormous controversies can
be generated by the most innocuous intentions, so it behooves us to be
most careful what we say in a public forum, taking care that what we
mean is reflected precisely in what we say.
	If you believe I am offended, then I too am guilty of the failure to
express myself as I intended, and I must also apologize.
Food for thought for us all.


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