NK - Mead Bee Wars (long)

Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Thu Feb 24 17:10:39 PST 2000

Ceridwen of Wizard's Keep wrote:
> Unto Ld. Ian Dun Gillan, and All Who Read This Missive, does Baroness
> Ceridwen give Good Greetings,
> Well, here's my two cents worth:

	(Much snippage of wise words for bandwidth's sake)
 Please feel free to address me
> personally or on the N. Reg. or Wolfstar list.  I have posted to N. Keep for
> consistency's sake, but do not subscribe myself.
	Thank you for your excellent clarification of the background of all
this.  I for one hope there is no *excrement* stirred up, for surely
there is no need.  Once again we see that misunderstandings come easily,
peace and good will comes only with hard work.
	I think the North has gotten a bit spoiled by the vast bounty that is
ours...the superb bards (I am told the bardic arts are suffering in the
rest of the Kingdom), the bountiful tables we set, the joy we take on
the field, the work of hundreds of hands doing the labor of
thousands...it is so easy to take all that for granted and not realize
that it can all melt away like the snow in spring--IF people are not
having a good time and feeling appreciated.  Squabbles can escalate to
immense feuds, honest disagreements over issues and policy can lead to
demonizing those who hold different opinions, and people will DISAPPEAR.
I think that is the real problem in the North, and EVERYWHERE ELSE IN
THE UNIVERSE, for that matter.  It's way easier to destroy than to
create, and a lot faster, too.
	I'd like to see the dust settle on this thing, I-beg-your pardons all
around, and resolve to attend next year's Mead Bee War and have a GREAT


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