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Mon Feb 28 22:20:28 PST 2000

At 10:41 PM 02/28/2000 EST, you wrote:
>So that there is no confusion on my report - the Saturday referrence is to 
>March 4th, for the personna class given by Lady Elizabetta at my house, 7:00 

First of all, we hope you are feeling better soon and missed you tonight.
What I was wanting to know is, what is planned for the personna class?  I
have not made one yet and as usual, this one is planned for a time when I
already have something else planned.  Michele is coming down from Tahlequah
and will be with me on Saturday.  We might be able to make the personna
class for awhile in the evening.  We were planning on making fighter
practice and she would love some people to play music with, so anyone with
instruments bring them along in the afternoon.  

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