NK - Birthdays

Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Sat Feb 26 17:36:16 PST 2000

madnhair wrote:
> Your Fabulousness,
> Why don't we just declare the day of birth in every month and amber day?
> Is by any chance the 14th of Sept.?
> Maidenhair

	It is in fact Sept. 19.  Of course everyday is amber day for me, with
the occasional malachite day, amethyst day, garnet day, moonstone day,
onyx day, pearl day, lapis day...you get the idea.  As the peer limo
takes me to work, where I earn my enormous peer salary assisting the
many others who wish to learn my fab peer wisdom, I often ponder what
jewels to wear that day as I dispense my incredible fabness...ah,
decisions, decisions!

				Baroness Catrin
				Somehow my tongue has got in my cheek
				again--cheeky tongue!

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