NK - One for the Vikings

Jerry Herring herring at viagrafix.net
Tue Jan 4 20:57:47 PST 2000

As the Norse warship stealthily slipped up to the unsuspecting English
seaside village, Olaf, the chieftain rose and addressed his followers:

	"Now men," he bellowed, "our plan is to kill all their men..."

	"Hurray!" roared the warriors.

	"take all their wealth..."

	"Hurray!" they shouted again, even louder.

	"Have our way with their women..."

	"And then burn the village!"

	"Hurray for our glorious leader and his wonderful plan!" they shouted.

	"And men?" Olaf said.

	"Yes, noble Olaf?" they replied in unison.

	"For Odin's sake! Get it right this time!"

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