NK - Update on H.E. Thomas (Master Cip)

Kevinkeary at aol.com Kevinkeary at aol.com
Sun Jan 9 01:04:55 PST 2000

His contact info is the same:
Paschall Cipriano
Room 5212
St. Francis Hospital
61161 S. Yale Ave.
Tulsa OK  74136
918-494-2200 (hospital desk)
918-494-5212 (his room)

Cip's doctor saw him today, and the skin graft didn't take completely.  He's 
gonna watch it for the next few days to see if it took at all.  He's now 
telling Cip it'll be a fight to save 70% of the use of his foot, and losing 
the whole thing is still a possibility.  He could use whatever emotional 
support you can send.  One possible path from here is the cross-leg 
graft,where the doc ties his right foot to some point on his left leg.  That 
will mean he's COMPLETELY bedridden for 3-4 weeks.  At this time there's 
still a small chance enough of the graft took to avoid that, but Cip doesn't 
think the doctor thinks so.  When he went in two weeks ago, he was in a mood 
to kid about how appropriate a pegleg would be for a pi--seagoing 
enterpreneur, but he isn't now that he sees it as a real possibility.  But 
right now, things don't look good, and it'll likely be 3-4 days before we 
learn anything firm enough to pass on again.


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