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Nathan W. Jones njones at ix.netcom.com
Sat Jan 15 16:12:38 PST 2000

Many of you might have heard the mythical stories of Pennsic Chocolate Milk:

"Yum, yum, the best!"  --Tiny Tom of Shadowed Hills

"Cures hangovers!"  --Dreggi the Sober.

"Best thing for after fighting!"  --Sir Boopsie the Dunderhead

"Good for the frosty mornings and for hot afternoons!"  --Mistress Elisaid
of the Vapors

Well, now there is a product for sale in the Northkeep area that is the
closest I have found locally that compares to Pennsic Chocolate Milk.

Star Dairy Inc. sells milk at Wild Oats (41st and Peoria) in glass bottles.
There is a $1 deposit on the bottles, but return the bottles with your next
purchase and the deposit carries over.

Their chocolate milk comes in both pint and quart sizes.  It's lovely, rich
and thick.

Try it for a little of that Pennsic Experience here at home in Northkeep!


---this was a non-paid endosement.  Personal testimonials are not
representive of all consumers.---

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