NK - Re: FW: Mongols 2000 in the Snow! Come One, Come All!

Hersir1 at aol.com Hersir1 at aol.com
Fri Jan 28 16:34:11 PST 2000

 Good Gentles -
 You just can't keep a good Mongol down!
 Mongols 2000 is still going on as planned!  The autocrat has
 asked me to let everyone know that the sits is located on a
 "snow route," so the main roads into scenic Wichita and
 El Dorado (as well as the roads to the site) should be
 plowed and passable.  To top that off, it seems that the
 weathermongol says that there are no new storms forecast in
 the forseeable future!
 Please, do plan for a bit of extra travel time as you head up
 here to Vatavia though - we want you all to get here in one
 piece and ready to have a blast!
 Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!
 Cilian Neill MacAoidh
 Mongols 2000 Feastocrat

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