NK - Great Sword class a no-go

Paul Yoskowitz pyoskow at sitemaster.com
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well, my shoulder is almost fully healed according to the Dr. and the new
armor is in the works so, Sir Balvin, if you wish to get in some backyard
practice - my email is pyoskow at sitemaster.com
<mailto:pyoskow at sitemaster.com> 
AKA Oryon Chajujin

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I spoke with Sir Balvin last night and he is not going to be teaching the
great sword class as we had first hoped.  He said he hasn't had enough
practice as of late and doesn't feel comfortable teaching a class on
My sincerest apologies to all those who were looking forward to it....

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do you know if the great sword class is still on and if so, who's teaching

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Hey Rowan, 

I don't remember when the Seneschal/Reeve class is scheduled, but HL Bonnie 
has to work in the AM, so the class will need to be after 2:00pm.  Leave it 
to me to cause problems eh?  Sorry! 


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