NK - Mongol's event... Who is going?

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Tue Jan 25 22:06:22 PST 2000

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> Has anyone checked the weather for this weekend? I hear that some vicious 
> storms are coming....
>  Jean Paul de Sens.
As of Tuesday evening, His Majesty was still planning on going. 
He emphasized that there was still crash space available and probably
feasts were still available. He was sure that this indoor site would be 
better than the outdoor practice that we had planned in Rundel. 8-O
I told him that on Our oaths, my lady and I would be there, come 
Fimbulwinter or no, and that I could only ask my fighters to go and if 
in their judgement the roads were unsafe ...Oh Well ! ! !  I'm sure that
Ansteorra will be well represented by the most powerful Barony and the
greatest Shire in the Northern Region.
                             VIVAT NORDSTEORRA!!!
                                   Thorgrim Nordvirk Bjornson
                                            Hersir Nordvirk
                                         (Baron Northkeep)

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