NK - Mongol's event... Who is going?

Carl Chipman cchipman at nomadics.com
Tue Jan 25 22:07:01 PST 2000

TO WAR!!!!!! :-)


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> > Has anyone checked the weather for this weekend? I hear that some vicious 
> > storms are coming....
> >  
> >  Jean Paul de Sens.
> As of Tuesday evening, His Majesty was still planning on going. 
> He emphasized that there was still crash space available and probably
> feasts were still available. He was sure that this indoor site would be 
> better than the outdoor practice that we had planned in Rundel. 8-O
> I told him that on Our oaths, my lady and I would be there, come 
> Fimbulwinter or no, and that I could only ask my fighters to go and if 
> in their judgement the roads were unsafe ...Oh Well ! ! !  I'm sure that
> Ansteorra will be well represented by the most powerful Barony and the
> greatest Shire in the Northern Region.
>                              VIVAT NORDSTEORRA!!!
>                                    Thorgrim Nordvirk Bjornson
>                                             Hersir Nordvirk
>                                          (Baron Northkeep)

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