NK - Fighter Practice Tonight?

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No s@#$ there I was, oh probably about 14-15 years ago, in Kevin and
Keigan's backyard, 4" of snow on the ground fighting bastard sword with
another newbie named Wyborn Wolfears.  To see what it was like!?

I made 3 great discoveries: 1. It hurts A LOT to get hit on a cold leg
(remember snowballs?). 2. Our period counterparts probably died A LOT
because they happened to slip at the wrong time. 3. I didn't need to do it

Of course, that was more years than I sometimes care to think about, a
rotor-cuff injured shoulder, a twisted ankle, and a twisted knee ago!  Those
were the days...and we were glad for it!

Sir Balvin 

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> Dearest Sweetest Jean Paul...   no fighter practice tonite...  (silly boy)
>  Sigen
I'm goin' to the dwarf warrens(60degrees and not super well-lighted)
 to work on my shield and a little bit of armor.

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