NK - Heraldic Challenge

Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at utulsa.edu
Thu Jan 27 16:14:37 PST 2000

>For the record, you missed mine.

Diarmaid (and all others who might want your devices to appear in the great
heraldic test),

95% (I think) of the emblazons Damon had to start with were copied from the
color emblazons I have (and I am missing most).  The others were donated to
him directly by the owners.

Anyone who has color copies of their devices (or black and white but good
written descriptions of the colors used) and can get them to Damon will be
included.  I would like a copy too for the heraldic files as most are
actually not there but send them straight to Damon and I can always get a
copy later.

If you are wondering if the heralds office has a copy of yours (and it has
passed kingdom) but you do not see it on the test page, then email me.
Other than some that very recently passed kingdom, I probably don't have
them in my files.


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