ANST-Announce - Charter painting / Academy of the Rapier

Lee Lemons lalemons at
Mon Jul 3 17:07:50 PDT 2000

> Greetings unto all the wonderful scribes of Ansteorra!
> This year there will be both a charter painting class and workshop at
> Academy of the Rapier.  Lord Diego has graciously permitted us,
> basically, a charter area!  My personal thanks go out to him
> and his wonderful group for arranging their schedule for us to be able
> to do this!  Please check their Academy of the Rapier web site by
> Wednesday to note any changes there may be.
> First, there will be a charter painting class run by HL Genevieve de
> Courtanvaux.  Please consult the new schedule for class time.  This
> class will be highly informative and one you'll not want to miss!
>  After her class there will be a charter painting workshop for the
> rest
> of the day, run by myself, where you can get some hands-on experience,
> look at color copies of hand painted charters for ideas, and look at
> facsimiles of the original manuscripts to see where some of our
> charters
> originated from!  I will have paint, brushes, etc., for you to use.
> Since there are several other classes going on, this workshop area is
> a
> "come and go" as you please so that you can attend other classes and
> return as you like.
> I will also be bringing blank charters for any scribe who would like
> to
> take some home with them!  The Kingdom now has four new charter
> designs:  two AoA's, one Court Barony, and one Thistle.  These are
> terrific new designs and are great to paint!  Moreover, I do have a
> few
> sets of color copies of painted charters and facsimiles left for
> anyone
> who'd like to purchase them and will have them with me.
> I look forward to seeing you at Academy of the Rapier!
> In service to the Kingdom and the Dream,
> Baroness Curstaidh Magorlick
> Star Signet

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