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Bob Dewart gilli at
Thu Jul 6 18:49:34 PDT 2000

Greetings and Hi There,

The following are the current standings in the IntraAnsteorran Archery
Competition and IntraAnsteorran Combat Archery Competition that HLs Gilli
and Darcy are sponsoring.  These competitions mirror the IKAC and IKCAC for
this Kingdom in all aspects plus includes a youth and child divisions.
While only the top 3 in each catagory (where we have had that many or more
shoot) will receive medallions, I have shown the top 4.

For our scores to  count in the IKAC or IKCAC there must be three scores in
that particular division.  We currently do not have a full set of three
scores in the Period Bow and Period Crossbow Divisions.

These scores are what has been turned in Ld  Plachoya Sobaka (Deputy
Archery Marshal IKAC) and HL Gilbert Ost Westley "Gilli" (Deputy Archery
Marshal IKCAC).  Contact information for both is listed under Deputy
Marshals in the Black Star.

Please remember that the scores only have 30 days from the time they are
shot till they arrive at the Keeper of the IKAC & IKCAC.  They must also
have been shot by a paid member to count for score.  Non paid members may
shoot the competitions but their scores will not count.

It is still early in the season.  So get out there and go for the gold.

Open Division:
    Ld Carlyle du Troyes 184
    Baron Rumil Fletcher 184
    Ld Fearghus MacKeena 176
    HL Gilbert Ost Westley 168

Period Bow Division:
    HL Gilbert Ost Westley 118
    Ld Plachoya Sobaka 86

Crossbow Division:
    HL Roger Bagley 159
    Ld Plachoya Sobaka 127
    Master Phelim "Pug" Gervase  106
    Tuhtghl 65

Combat Division:
    HL Gilbert Ost Westley 163
    HL Roger Bagley 148
    Ldy Moreg 135

Youth and Child Divisions:

For more information contact HL Gilli at gilli at
The Keeper of  the IKAC & IKCAC ikac at  also comtains info on the



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