NK - This blacksmith and his sword

LucanSilverwolf at aol.com LucanSilverwolf at aol.com
Fri Jul 7 16:57:50 PDT 2000

    Thank you to those of you who wished to help me with my project of the 
Norse Sword I will be attempting in the fall.  I will be happy to have any 
who want to come and enjoy the birth of this blade, however this will be done 
at Yoshiie's home so at this time I cannot commit to much untill I clear with 
him.  It has been his policy, to teach those who wish to learn and I do not 
see a small group a problem.  I will know more as the time approches.
    As to tending to the bellows.... well, How good are you at fliping a 
switch?  We have an electric blower on the forge, it is one of the few modern 
luxuries we afford ourselves in this art.  I eventually plan to build a 
period forge and bellows along with a workshop in the medival fashion of 
consturction ( i.e. timberframing and cob walls).  I am currently researching 
the piss and vinager out of the subject but, it is a slow process.  Depending 
on financil stability and time constraits I hope to start construction in the 
spring.  Once done I hope to be able to make it available to interested 
parties in the populace as much as I can.       
        In service ,
                Lucan Silverwolf

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