NK - Need Volunteers for Northern Regional Warlord or August 2 thru 4th

FalanMacF at aol.com FalanMacF at aol.com
Mon Jul 10 18:13:09 PDT 2000

Hello everyone - I know this is an odd way to do it but the sign up lists 
were very empty from  last  2 populous & I wanted to be able to fill in a lot 
more spots since this is my first time being co autocrat and Northern 
Regional Warlord is less then a month away.

I  prefer to  be contacted through email falanmacf at aol.com but I can called 
at 747-0448 (no calls after 10pm please)   Please give spot & time you are 
volunteering for & give SCA & Mundane name, phone number & email address so 
we can contact you if needed.  Positions will got to first that contact me.

 Mary 'Faolan' MacFarland
CoAutocrat for Northern Regional Warlord 

Here is what we still need volunteers for:

Heralds - (thank you Ainar & Tamara for already signing up)
Waterbearers (Thanks Catin & Anna for already signing up)
Site Setup
Site Tear down
Kitchen help - this is both for preparing & cleaning up
Firewatch - 2 hour shifts - starting Friday at 8pm. (Thanks Baulsac & Doji 
Hitori for signing upf for 1st Midnight shift)
Troll - (thanks for Jean, karl, Sigen & Thorgrim for already signing up)
Friday 6 to 8pm, 
midnight to 2am
2 to 4am
4 to 6am
6 to 8am
8 to 10am

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