ANST-Announce - Tournament this weekend with food

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Tue Jul 11 21:59:13 PDT 2000

    I have the privilege to announce that the Barony of Bjornsborg will be 
hosting an open tournament for all oncommers this coming Sunday, 16th of 
July.  This is the Sunday of the Red-Tape event.  So, while our Kingdom and 
Regional officers are off having balls of fun, reading and discussing 
reports, we, the ones who know how to have fun, will be in the Barony of 
Bjornsborg at a fun tournament.  The tournament will be for both styles of 
combat (Heavy and Light), and if we have enough participants, a youth 
tournament could happen, too.  And, if this was not enough, the Bjornsborg 
Culinary Guild is sponsoring a potluck lunch.  So, please bring something 
cold and easy.
    This all will take place at 2pm, at Raymond Rimkis park at the corner of 
Poss and Evers.  This is where Bjornsborg meets every Sunday for fighter 

        From Austin - From 35, take the 410 exit heading west.  Orbit San 
Antonio (it will seem like it). Exit at Evers.  Turn Right, you should be 
heading away from 410.  Turn left on Poss, its a 4-way stop.  Find a parking 
spot immediately to your left.  

        From Houston - Stay in the left lane of I10 until you get to west 
410.  I10 will turn into HWY 90 about midway.  Please do not take any I10 
exits to the right.  This rout is a straight shot to 410. Take the 410 exit 
and head north.  Exit Evers and turn under the freeway.  Keep driving until 
you get to Poss at a 4-way stop.  Turn left.  Find a parking spot.  And, if 
you actually drove from Stargate, we will feed you.

    So, if you can, please come.  And, if you manage to escape Red Tape 
Saturday night, we will provide a refuge.

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