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<< Still, I apologize for any offense taken >>
None taken - I overreacted the first time -I did not want the heralds seen in 
a bad light, and it went badly downhill from there. You know it was a full 
moon...brings out the crazies some times.
 And as for the Merrik /Diarmaid discussions, we are talking about two very 
much loved individuals, who, both being very intelligent, could carry on 
endless points about a subject. And, while both were right in many ways,  
they still could not find an end sometimes - since some kinds of discussions, 
just do not always have an end.
I was beginning to fear that there was the potential, at least, to head down 
a spiraling path, and that (obviously poorly thought out), "rail switch" I 
threw about our two comrades was my extremely awkward attempt to diffuse it. 
I seriously don't like to argue (which makes me wonder how I got into a snit 
in the first place!).
So, while I am apologizing, let me also include the aforementioned Lords, 
Merrik and Diarmaid, who have my genuine affection, and who, I hope, will 
forgive my hasty effort to use them, in good humor.
And with that, I will take some of my homemade soap, and go down the hall,  
and soak my head...

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