ANST-Announce - Three King Roles

Dale, Richard N DaleRN at
Mon Jul 24 13:10:12 PDT 2000

I still have Three King roles left.
What is required?
You fill a role, have fun, do some rolepalying, have fun
Look good, but more importantly have fun
Get other people to come to the event and have fun.
The more people the more fun for us all.
Here are the roles that are left.
English roles still available
Thomas Montagu Earl of Salisbury
Richard Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel
Earl of Northhampton
Earl of Suffolk
Earl of Huntington
Duke of Gloucester
Sir John Chandos
Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick
Sir John Falstoff
Lord Camoys

French roles still available
John II , King of France
Charles V, King of France
Earl Marshall of France
Charles II " the Bad" King of Navarre
Duke of Loraine
Duke of Bourbon
Duke of Brittany
Duke of Brabant

I hope you will want to fill one of these roles. All of these people are
crucial to the history of the hundred years war.

Thank you for your time

Master Richard Fairbourne
(Edward III)

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