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Vanessa Goins ly_isabela at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 28 01:16:36 PDT 2000

> Vanessa Goins wrote:
> > Okay everyone, I talked the matter over with the folks, and it 
> >looks like we have permission to use my house as a site for the 
> > class. 
> > What time do we want to do this?

> --- Marc Carlson <marc-carlson at utulsa.edu> wrote:
> I don't know.  Was it offered?  Where's your house.  How are
> we going to get people there Saturday?
> Marc/Diarmaid

Uh...Well, I'd mentioned I would check with them.  I asked them and
they said it was okay.  Wednesday night they'll be at Bible study and
Saturday didn't seem to be a problem.  Maybe I'm overtired but I'm
confused as to why YOU'RE confused.

I suppose those who went to fighter practice could carpool over to my
place if Woodward was closer to their home, otherwise since I'm located
at 51st and Sheridan.  I figured that wasn't too far in south Tulsa for
most people.  Did everyone get the yahoo! map I posted?  Is that clear
enough or are further directions needed?  Unless someone's got a better
idea I figured getting to see the artifacts plus being in AC was
preferable to most folks.  Feedback anyone?
-Isabela whosegennuinelyNOTtryingtomuddythewaters.

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