NK - Bardic at Northern Regional Warlord

Fitzmorgan at cs.com Fitzmorgan at cs.com
Fri Jul 28 21:38:15 PDT 2000

Greetings from Robert Fitzmorgan Northern Regional Bard.  

    This message is to let the bards know how the next Northern Regional Bard 
will be selected.  It's really pretty simple.  We need to select a new bard.  
Come convince me it ought to be you.  Do one piece or several pieces, 
whatever you like.  I'm in the mood to hear some of the old songs and stories 
of Ansteorra or new pieces about Ansteorra.   I'm not saying that's what you 
have to do, just that that's what I'm in the mood to hear.  
    Depending on the weather and the noise levels I may hold the auditions in 
the swimming pool.  The performers don't actually have to get into the pool, 
and I will get out if you like.  
    If you have any questions please ask.

Robert Fitzmorgan

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