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Information on activites for our younger members. Please crosspost to any 
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Children's Activities at Estrella War XVII

Once again this year's Estrella War is proud to sponsor supervised
children's activities for those age four and up who attend the war!  We will 
have two areas set-up for our programs: The Children's Corner, for children 
age 4-9, and a Youth Center, for those age 10-16, will be a great place to 
make friends!
We will host many interesting and informative things to do, so don't miss 
out on all the fun!

The Estrella War Children's Center, located near the wooden tower, is
intended to provide a place where kids of all ages can have an enjoyable 
time at war and be safe while doing so.  Our normal hours of operation will 
be 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Thursday - Sunday, February 15-18, 2001.  The outdoor 
area of the Youth Center will be open for teens only, from 8:00 PM-12:00 AM, 
more information below. We will have two pavilions set up, one for each age 
group, and appropriate activities planned for them.  The younger children 
will be able to play games,
make arts and crafts, listen to stories, and enjoy outdoor activities. The 
older ones will attend hands on classes in the Youth Collegium, as well as 
participate in fighting tournaments, arts and sciences activities, and other 
entertainments.  Each group can participate in special activities like 
scavenger hunts, parades, field trips and other fun outings as they are 

Since there are no other playgrounds at the War site, we encourage parents 
to bring their children to our area so they remain safe and supervised as 
much as possible.  Activities will be at the discretion of the Children's 
Steward, Lady Sorcha, and will be contingent upon the number present, ages 
and interests, as well as donations and resources on hand.  As always, adult 
attention and support is encouraged.  Please be sure to make appropriate 
arrangements for them, no matter what your plans are at the war!

Rules & Regulations

At the Children's Corner you are welcome to bring your 4-9 year old child 
for a maximum duration of two hours each day, unless other arrangements have 
been made in advance, and suggest that parents make a donation of supplies 
or contribute volunteer hours to the Children's Corner.  (We remind parents 
that the Children's Corner is NOT a babysitting service and is provided as a 
courtesy to event participants, your support will help us make their stay at 
this years Estrella War something special.)  Children must be signed in/out 
by a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult.  They must also be potty 
trained, able to dress themselves, and be able to eat regular food.  
Finally, we ask that they do not bring personal articles with them while in 
our care.

Your 10-16 year olds are welcome to attend the Youth Center and come and go 
as they please during our normal hours of operation.  All we ask is that 
they carry a copy of the SCA Minor Waiver, or keep one on file with us.  
Those who attend are welcome to bring games, snacks, and activities to share 
with others.Youth fighers, we will have fighting scenarios so remember to 
bring armor, weapons, and ID.

Additionally, the outdoor area of the Youth Center will be open from 8:00 
PM-12:00 AM as a safe place for TEENS, 13 - 17, to hang out at night 
Thursday -Sunday.  We'll supply the fire pit, chairs, and an ice chest, but 
ask participants to bring their own wood, snacks, ice, and/or soft drinks. 
Security will make regular patrols to monitor activity, however, as long as 
everyone is well behaved, there will be no adult staff at the Youth Center 
in the evening.
(Beware, the Children's Steward camps across the road from the center. . .)

For both programs, meals are not included.  However, we will provide
nutritious snacks and drinks while we are open.  Participants should be 
attired in simple garb and be properly identified with the official wrist 
bracelet for the war.
The Children's Activities Steward will not responsible for lost or stolen 
Finally, parents will be responsible for disciplining their children, unruly 
behavior will be cause for separation and your child could be returned to 
you if necessary.  If your child has behavioral or medical conditions, 
please let the attendant know in advance.

Donations and Volunteers

For those who can contribute time and resources, volunteers and donations of 
materials are always appreciated.  Our wish list of preferred donations 
includes, but is not limited to; complete simple board games, puzzles, 
blocks,coloring books, storybooks, outside playsets, jump ropes, bocce 
balls,badminton, as well as arts & craft supplies like paint, paper, glue, 
glitter, beads, clay, and crayons.  We also need donations of nutritious 
food and drinks!

Our volunteer needs encompass the following:
Shift Workers, 6 shifts at two hours each, 2 people per shift per day. 
Special Activities Coordinators:for Youth Fighting Scenarios, Field Trips, 
Scavenger Hunts, Children's Parade, etc..
Collegium Instructors:  Please contact Lady Eden Blacksmith to schedule a 
class or two at: Edenblacksmith at


I could really use your help!  After the third year in a row, I would like 
this year to be my last as the Children's Steward for Estrella War.  If you 
are interested in becoming a deputy and/or taking over this responsibility 
please contact me as soon as possible.  If necessary, I'll remain on hand to 
assist you, but it's time to find others who would like to try their hand at 
this very rewarding job!

For more information, want to make suggestions, contribute donations, or 
have any comments, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at
wren at or by telephone (480) 844-3882 before 9:00 PM.

In service to our youth, I am

Lady Sorcha ni Dhonnghaile
Estrella War Children's Steward
Kingdom of Atenveldt
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