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Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at utulsa.edu
Sat Jul 1 22:52:32 PDT 2000

Baulsac wrote:
>where should or shouldnt i put my hands eh?

Considering that you are now eighteen I could actually answer that 
question in some detail, but I am going to hope that the obvious in 
not necessary after eighteen years.  Instead I am going to explain 
why Lucan wrote that.

Tyr is the Norse god of war.  He is also in some texts referred to as 
a god of justice.  Tyr never broke his word.  When the wolf Fennris 
was ravening across existence, the gods devised several ways to 
contain him.  He broke free in all cases and was proud that nothing 
could hold him.  So the gods went to the dwarves and sought their 
help to make a chain which could restrain Fennris.  They devised a 
chain which would hold Fennris until Ragnarok.  The problem was 
getting the chain on the wolf.

The gods taunted the wolf that if no chain could hold him, then why 
not let them try another.  But Fennris was cautious and would only 
let them place the chain on him if one of the gods of Asgard would 
place their hand in his mouth while he was chained.  Tyr placed his 
hand in the mouth of the wolf and when the wolf found himself bound 
and unable to break free he bit off Tyr's hand.  Tyr never tried to 
pull his hand free or run away; he had given his word for the sake of 
the gods and the world.

Watch where you put your hand, always watch your word, and (for 
Catrin and Freya) keep your room clean.


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