NK - FW: Fighter Practice & Get-Together

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Thu Jul 6 19:10:09 PDT 2000

Hey kids its Karl. I would love to attend and will be there if I can talk 
any Northkeep fighters into it :) Look forward to it and see ya there.

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>Melee's in Mooneschadowe :) see Below.... E-mail me for directions....
>Drighton, Northkeep
>Carl Chipman
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>Subject:	Fighter Practice & Get-Together
>Hey everyone!!  Hope you're not busy this weekend.  Jean Paul would like
>to have a small melee practice this Sunday at 5pm at Boomer Lake Park
>here in Stillwater.  In the past we have been allowed to have combat
>archery, so go ahead and bring all your toys. For those of you who are
>(k)night blind, there are plenty of lights.  (;-P)
>I have volunteered to cook for everyone afterwards. We have decided that
>we will provide meat, buns and condiments. Location will be announced
>when we know how many people will be eating. Other items to eat will be
>appreciated, although there are stores around and we can go fetch
>something if we decide we want it.
>Let me know if you need directions or have any more questions.

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