NK - July dates

Aline Swynbrook alineswynbrook at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 14 22:57:32 PDT 2000

--- Kevinkeary at aol.com wrote:
> Congrats all.
> BTW, Eric the Black (the twelve year old formerly
> known as Big Nose of 
> Ravensfaire) turns thirteen on the 28th.  He am now
> a teenager.
> And his elder brother Robin just got his ID and fall
> schedule for TU.
> Kevin

I am assuming Robin is an entering Freshman (Hi, I'm
Aline, few of you have met me, and other than three
populaces, and a fighter practice, I never get to go
to anything.....).  From one to another, I wish him

OSU Freshman to be, who is looking at the growing pile
of dorm goodies and wondering where she's going to put
it all.....

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