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<< Heralds are in charge of sumptuary laws, especially explaining them to 
 and bird-dogging for violators. >
I really have to address this - I don't think it is a good idea to give 
people, especially any newer ones, the idea that this is what the heralds do. 
 You say you are a herald, so am I.
I don't know what events you attend, but I have never had the time, and 
certainly not the inclination, to "bird dog" someone about their clothing. I 
don't believe it does any honor to heraldry to paint this kind of a picture.
You can "rag" on the heralds from unknown parts if you so desire, but I would 
prefer not to hear about it in Northkeep.

Keep The Dream Honorable,
Lady Anawyn De Bardolphe

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