ANST-Announce - Formation of the Schola Bellum

Greg Shetler shetler at
Mon Jul 17 12:55:44 PDT 2000

This is to announce the incipient formation of a Schola Bellum (War
College) for the kingdom of Ansteorra.

Membership is open to all who would like to help Ansteorra develop her
war-fighting abilities, though you do have to have access to the War
Ansteorra mailing list on egroups.  To join the mailing list, go to:

Please take a look at the charter and bylaws posted in the files area
there, or look at them directly by going to:

We would like comments on the Charter and Bylaws, and could certainly
use your help if you are interested in the Schola Bellum.


Mordock von Rugen (Dux)
MKA Greg Shetler
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