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Peachy Keen Barbara Jean peachykeen at moose-mail.com
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If it's on a weekend day I can't make it until after I get off from 
work which is 4:30ish. . . in August any week night is fine with 
me. . . 

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Peachy Keen Barbara Jean wrote:

> I wouldn't mind knowing a little about that!!!
> Barbara (Nadine - still working on this.)
>     I see I can run, but I can't hide (especially if I keep 
sticking my nose
> in the fabric/garb topics) and it's definitely time to quit evading 
> inevitable and schedule that long-delayed cutout session I promised 
so long
> ago.

       Tedious health issues and summer doldrums have slowed me down, 
and I
don't think I can get my s**t together before Northern Warlord (uh, 
suit, yeah, sure, suit), but let's pick a date in August and cut some 
Everyone invited!  Input on place/date, everyone?



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