ANST-Announce - Royal Huntsman

Duke, Wes WDuke at
Wed Jul 19 13:29:31 PDT 2000

I have come up with a shoot that will be a good test of the Royal Huntsman
of Ansteorra. The shoot will consist of two archers on the line with the
target starting at 30 yards. The target will be an elk profile. The archers
will have 6 arrows and 30 seconds to make a killing shot on the target. If
both archers get killing shots, the one closest to the center of the kill
zone will win. It will be a 2 out of 3 shoot single elimination. After all
the archers have competed, the winners will shoot at a deer target at 20
yards. The same rules as above applying. The winners of that round will move
to a target at 15 yards and the target will be a rabbit. We can go as small
as a mouse if necessary. I will be shooting as the bye if one is needed for
the parings. The bye will be deadly, meaning he can eliminate you from the
tourney. More refinements will be forthcoming.

Ld Fearghus MacKenna
Premier Royal Huntsman of Ansteorra
Kingdom Archery Marshal

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