NK - aspic wrestling

Betsy Marshall Betsy at mailhost.softwareinnovation.com
Wed Jul 19 16:58:03 PDT 2000

Medieveal gelatin...boil the bones, then cool the
resulting liquid. usually flavored for a "sauce"
or side dish with meat.

Modern equivalent- jello-wrestling!!!

Just my $.02-- Pyro

Merrik Viltar Har wrote:
> Hey, hey, hey, HEY.
> I am not a separatist, any bloodline of woman would be encouraged to
> participate in aspic wrestling, not just the Italians.
> That is "if" I were to host such a thing.  I would have to know what aspic
> was besides what we do first thing in the morning, before I could set up
> such a spectacle.
> Merrik
> > > Anyway, fur and boiling pots this time of year are not desireable.  How
> > > about a  "Merrik in Aspic"?  Very cool though perhaps an acquired taste.
> > > Catrin
> > You know with a subject like apologetic fur it has to be good, but this is
> > almost too much.
> > Catrin, you know he is going to turn it into aspic wrestling......
> > Susan

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