NK - Re: fabric cutting party

Anthony Lackey catan at webzone.net
Sat Jul 22 12:23:04 PDT 2000

Vanessa Goins wrote:

> > let's pick a date in August and cut some
> > garb!
> > Everyone invited!  Input on place/date, everyone?
> >
> >                                                         Catrin
> How about one of the nights that needleworkers falls on?
> -Belle

    Not good for me, if it is on a work night.  I recently went back
from part-time to full-time at work, plus overtime when necessary.  This
was not entirely my idea.  However, it means that whatever additional
energy I can glean from the vitamins and herbal supplements I have been
taking will probably get used up at work.  So it must be on a weekend,
but not a Friday night.


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