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sdrake steldr at home.net
Mon Jul 24 09:26:11 PDT 2000

Well, the stray mama cat in our neighborhood has had her second litter of
kittens in 6 months.  This time she decided that the broken down shed in our
backyard was not good enough for them (5 of them, maybe 2-3 days old) and
that our basement is a much nicer place to raise her babies.
So in about 6 weeks we will have 5 kittens to find homes for, 2 white, 2
black and one black and white.  The mother is a short hair calico but I
think the father is a long hair black and white so they may be kind of in

However, one of her kittens from the previous litter is also living (and
eating) on our front porch. (Ainar says it's all my fault - I'm too soft
hearted - but ask him who pets the kitten more!!!!)  There were 2 of them up
until a couple of days ago - one of them has disappeared (although I keep
hoping).  I would prefer to see someone loving this little one instead of
wondering what happened to it.  I'm not sure what sex it is, I haven't
looked but it is really cute - maybe 4 months old?  Fluffy and black and a
little shy.  I'm afraid I can't speak for it's litter training because it
lives outside.  Is anyone in the market for a friend?????

Please call if you have any questions.  Thanks!!!!

w: 918-838-9885 ext 310
h: 918-245-2821 (we do screen our calls - leave a message and if we're home
we'll pick up!)

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